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Digital art = awesomeness!
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Contest Prize-Faun Princess Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Faun Princess Animation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 10 0 Gift- Ai Zen Headshot Painting by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Gift- Ai Zen Headshot Painting :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 22 6 Sailor Mercury Portrait by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Sailor Mercury Portrait :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 17 7 Contest Prize-Teddy Bear Magic Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Teddy Bear Magic Animation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 8 6 Gift- Shagri Alexandra Into Wolf Transformation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Gift- Shagri Alexandra Into Wolf Transformation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 6 6 Treble Clef With Flowers Embroidery Art by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Treble Clef With Flowers Embroidery Art :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 16 6 Contest Prize-Bunny Surprise Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Bunny Surprise Animation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 10 3 Gift- Christmas Couple Ready To Dance by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Gift- Christmas Couple Ready To Dance :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 10 5 New Year, New Journey by MyMelodyOfTheHeart New Year, New Journey :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 4 8 Contest Prize-Cat Watching A Fly Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Cat Watching A Fly Animation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 9 2 Gift- Ashia And Nex by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Gift- Ashia And Nex :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 9 5 Bob's Burgers- Looking Into Santa's Magic Sack by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Bob's Burgers- Looking Into Santa's Magic Sack :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 21 8 Contest Prize-Mercades Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Mercades Animation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 6 2 Contest Prize-Saki The Dragon Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Saki The Dragon Animation :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 10 2 Contest Prize-Spinning Euro Coin by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Contest Prize-Spinning Euro Coin :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 14 2 Gift- Evening Sun (Redraw) by MyMelodyOfTheHeart Gift- Evening Sun (Redraw) :iconmymelodyoftheheart:MyMelodyOfTheHeart 11 8


Whispers of the Wind by Isi-Daddy Whispers of the Wind :iconisi-daddy:Isi-Daddy 55 6 Mr. Enter's Notebook: Lisa the Simpson by MrEnter Mr. Enter's Notebook: Lisa the Simpson :iconmrenter:MrEnter 131 242 Big Brother Caillou Notepage by Duckyworth Big Brother Caillou Notepage :iconduckyworth:Duckyworth 52 153 Animated Atrocities: Haunter Versus Kadabra by Regulas314 Animated Atrocities: Haunter Versus Kadabra :iconregulas314:Regulas314 30 72 Strega D'Argento by Eirwen980 Strega D'Argento :iconeirwen980:Eirwen980 26 2 Animated Atrocity: Helga's Show. by DomainMorph Animated Atrocity: Helga's Show. :icondomainmorph:DomainMorph 7 2 Animated Atrocities: Tom and Jerry + Willy Wonka by Regulas314 Animated Atrocities: Tom and Jerry + Willy Wonka :iconregulas314:Regulas314 39 58 Self-Portrait by Managodess Self-Portrait :iconmanagodess:Managodess 35 18 Hermione by Anako-ART Hermione :iconanako-art:Anako-ART 246 10 My servants never die! (Mercy witch) by Nieris My servants never die! (Mercy witch) :iconnieris:Nieris 1,704 89
Artists Are Not Your Free Art Source - Long Read
Before we start this is a bit of a long read, but as me and other artists have run in to this issue before, i do think its important to say something about it, and make others aware of the issue described in here.
I got a note recently, from someone that i dont know personally asking if i wanted to do a collaboration, or if im interested in a recruitment for said person. I'll advice you to read this string of notes ( in which i made the user unknown as you dont have to know who it is, privacy of the people and all ) even though its a little long.
Mostly im asking this because i've ran in to this issue quite often, and its happening more and more now and i just want to be clear about a few things afterwards. ( note that a few notes after my last reply followed, but they were mostly a repeat of things already said before so i did not add them in, and also they were getting more rude it felt like. I will also ask anyone to keep from rude comments on the journal, and stay calm about it all
:iconshadowinkwarrior:ShadowInkWarrior 44 86
1001 Animations: The Prince of Egypt by Regulas314 1001 Animations: The Prince of Egypt :iconregulas314:Regulas314 55 45 AT: Mr PoopyButtHole by schumacher7 AT: Mr PoopyButtHole :iconschumacher7:schumacher7 8 6 By the Hips by schumacher7 By the Hips :iconschumacher7:schumacher7 5 0
4000 Member Art Contest (OPEN)
Hello and sorry for me (since the other admins are hardly on?) being inactive in the group. I just checked in on the page and realized we hit 4K! Such a milestone :huggle:
All entries at the end will be put into a large film sort of thing and will be submitted to YouTube. All credits will be given and links to your page will be in the description.
For this art contest. It'll be: Do what you do best. Meaning: If your profession is in photography, take some photos and apply them here at the group. If your profession is in animation, make some animations and apply them at this journal and so forth! You can submit unlimited amounts of entries, just make sure what you're doing makes you happy! :love:
:bulletred: You must have at LEAST 3 entries and at LEAST one needs to be created for the purpose of this contest
:bulletred: No stealing arts
:bulletred: You must be in the group to participate
:bulletred: No adoptables
:bulletred: Make a journal about this contest and lin
:icondrawing-club02:Drawing-Club02 16 21
Art trades are open.
Hi guys Schumacher and im opening up art trades.
I do fan art of:
South Park
Kim Possible
Rick and Morty
But no hate, death or anything too mature
Let me know down the comments below if u wanna do an art trade. C u soon ^^
:iconschumacher7:schumacher7 4 24


At first glance, I can see a lot of potential in this character in terms of its design and what the personality of this character can b...

I always enjoy transformation artwork and when I first saw this piece, it really captured my interest very nicely. The concept is very ...

That's a very charming looking character in this piece. His expression really reflects the pleasure I would imagine anyone would have s...


At first glance, I can see a lot of potential in this character in terms of its design and what the personality of this character can be when fully developed. The dark line work is very smooth and clean, especially for a pencil drawing. I like the melancholy expression on this character and I can see it fitting for this character in a scene where the weather is dark, cold and windy. This brings me to what I think needs improving on this piece. It looks like you have the character's scarf being blown to right, while the rest of the clothing and body details remain still, as I'd there's no wind at all. My suggestion to fix this is to either establish which direction the wind is blowing in and coordinate all the details in the character's design so that it all moves in response to the wind, or don't have any wind at all and have the scarf lay flat against the character's chest area. Overall, this is a very nice sketch drawing.


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I would like to collect points to give to ones who are in need of them around Deviantart. I would also like to use them for special occasions for others ( i.e. birthdays, holidays, etc.)

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Taken From :iconyujami:


[ ] Physically, you are very flexible.  
[x] You like to have power or take control in most situations. 
[ ] You are a smooth talker.
[ ] You lie a lot.
[ ] You can stretch your mouth very wide.
[/] You intimidate most people.
[ ] Most people don't like you.
[ ] Your favourite colour is green.
[x] You don't have very many friends. 
[ ] You have more enemies than friends.
[/] You are cunning.
[/] You like to be alone.
Total: 3

[X] You like to feel as free as possible.
[ ] Most people really like you. 
[X] You are talkative. 
[X ] You feed the ducks when you go to the park.
[ ] You have been on an airplane before.
[X] You would like to fly someday, airplane or not.
[ ] Your favourite colour is blue.
[X ] People say that you have a great sense of direction in life.
[ ] You have a lot of friends.
[ ] You have picked up a bird's feather and kept it for a long time.
[ ] You like to be part of the crowd.
[ ] Your vision is 20x20 or better.
Total: 5

[X ] You are very independent.
[X ] You like to go out on adventures.
[x] You're a cuddle-bug.
[x] You aren't afraid of mice.  
[X ] You have a pet cat.  
[ ] You have a pet fish. 
[ ] You have cheated death 1 or more times.
[X ] You have been in a car accident. 
[ X] Some people say that you're graceful.
[ ] You are very quiet. 
[ ] You don't like the rain.
[ ] Your favourite colour is purple.
Total: 7

[x] You are very loyal.
[X] You are a very social person.
[ ] You have many friends.
[x] You would die for someone you love.
[ ] You love to play sports.
[ ] You have a pet dog.
[ ] Your favourite colour is yellow.
[x] You find joy in helping others.
[x] Your favourite food is meat. 
[X ] You have guided/helped someone on an outing before and did not mind.
[X] You would protect your friends and family no matter what.
[ ] You may drool from time to time.
Total: 7

[ ] You are a very physically-fit person.  
[ ] You like to go out on runs/jogs.  
[ ] You are a vegetarian.
[/ ] Strength is your best quality.
[ X] People can depend on you for things. 
[ X] Your favourite colour is red.
[ ] You like sports cars. 
[ ] You think that a lowered suspension and better handling is the way to go.
[ ] Your job requires you to lift 50 lbs or more.
[ ] Someone has asked you before, "Why the long face?"
[X] You like sweets.
[ ] Apples are your preferred fruit. 
Total: 3.5


[X] You live with your family.
[/ ] You get along with your family.
[X] You like to teach others. 
[ ] You have baby-sat before.
[ ] Your favourite colour is grey.
[X ] People consider you to be a leader.
[X] You would protect family and friends if threatened. 
[x] You like to sing. 
[ ] The nightlife is for you.
[ ] You like to go to raves or dances. 
[X] Being social is a big part of your personality.
[/] You look up to someone and want to be like them someday.
Total: 7

[ ] You are popular.
[X ] People look up to you. 
[ ] You hold a powerful presence.
[X ] You have been in a fight before. 
[X ] Your favourite colour is gold. 
[x] Someone has looked up to you before  
[ ] You sleep more than 12 hours a day. 
[X ] You are a morning person.
[ ] You think you have the best hair. 
[/] You look intimidating to others.
[ ] People don't bully you.
[x] You love the rain.
Total: 6.5

[/] People think that you are very intimidating.
[x] You are not afraid of bees. 
[ ] Your favourite colour is brown.
[ ] You like to go out for hikes in the forest/nature trails.
[x] You have brothers/sisters. 
[ ] You like to go fishing.
[/] You like to swim.
[ ] You like to go hunting. 
[ ] You adapt really well to extreme situations. 
[/] You are very strong.
[ ] You don't like a big crowd.
[ /] You are fearless of others. 
Total: 4

[X] You like to eat.
[ X] Your favourite colour is pink.
[ X] You are very intelligent, or so you've been told.
[X ] You are smarter than a dog.  
[ ] You are not a picky eater.
[ ] You have sensitive skin.
[ ] You like mud baths/facials.
[ X] You like to be pampered.
[ ] You depend on others a lot. 
[x] You aren't the most active person.
[X] You love chocolate.
[/] You're easily angered.
Total: 7.5

[ ] You are tall.
[/ ] You eat a lot.
[X] You have a great memory. 
[X ] Your favourite colour is silver.
[x] You wear glasses/contacts. 
[ X] You like to travel.
[ ] You love to swim.
[ ] People don't bully you. 
[ ] You carry something special with you everywhere you go.
[ ] You are a vegetarian.
[x] You would rather avoid a fight. 
[/ ] You have big ears.  
Total: 6

[x] You like to make jokes. (Love it, in fact) 
[/ ] You would like to become a comedian some day.
[X ] You have pranked someone before.
[ ] You have a lot of friends. 
[/ ] Your favourite colour is orange.  
[x] You believe in true love. 
[/] You love someone/have a crush on someone. 
[ ] People say you're sexy.
[X] You would like to have children someday.
[X] You like to help your friends and family.
[ ] You live in the suburbs.
Total: 6.5 

I think I have more than one Spirit Animal, which is great. Heart  Dog Sitting walking cat Wolf Attack Loop Rawr pig in a blanket Dumbomote: ''Can I? ... really?'' Kawaii fox   


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I am a Musician as well as an Artist and Writer. Enjoy your visit to my page and feel free to message me if you have any questions, comments, or just would like to say Hi to me. :)

AT-Animated Angel Stamp by Supremechaos918
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If A Curse Was Placed On You, Would You Rather 

9 deviants said Shrink To A Very Small Size At A Certain Time Of Day
7 deviants said Transform Into A Ugly Monster At Night (Sunset To Sunrise)
4 deviants said Destroy Everything You Touch

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